Legal IT Recruitment for Individuals

Like everything in life there are some excellent recruitment agencies out there and some awful ones and everything in between. We appreciate that for an outsider to the industry it can be difficult to tell which is which. Every agency website says they are “a leading consultancy” and “the fastest growing in the UK”. Your career is incredibly important. Speak to the agency and make sure you are happy with them. A good recruitment consultant should work with you, not just be a post-box for your CV. You need to be honest with your agency, if you are they will be able to work much better on your behalf.


People should be careful who they share confidential information and data with. The recruitment industry is subject to regulation. One of the most important pieces of legislation for you to consider is The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003. In a nutshell agencies cannot say to you “let’s send your CV out and see what happens” or “I will send your CV to some clients and get back to you” or mail shot your CV. The regulations are quite clear that an agency must discuss a specific role or firm with you and get your permission to represent you before sending your CV.

At QED Legal IT we would never under any circumstances release any of your details, including a CV unless we had made you aware of the opportunity and gained your permission to represent you in respect of it. It is for this reason we recommend that you only register with us as your sole agency. In so doing you have a 100% guarantee that you have complete control over the recruitment process and 100% security that you get when dealing with a highly professional agency.

QED Legal IT takes the storage of your data on our systems very seriously. We use a state of the art ‘cloud’ based and encrypted database system. This system has been given the highest safety and security rating (military standard) by the British Government and is verified with a SAS70 certification.

Job boards

If you are registering with a job board be aware that although you think you are only registering your CV on the job board site for one specific role, once you have registered your CV. It will be visible to all agencies who use the site. We hear from many candidates whose CV has been submitted to firms far and wide without their knowledge or consent in this way. Our advice would be to speak to an agency before sending in your CV and see if they are people you feel comfortable working with. Keep control of where your CV is being sent and by whom.


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