Recruitment Process

Your recruitment consultant should meet with or speak to you at length about your experience, reasons you are looking to move now, why you have moved in the past and what you are looking for with your next career move.

You should be honest with your consultant even if it exposes skeletons in cupboards. An experienced IT recruiter will have come across whatever issue you are worried about numerous times before and will be able to advise you appropriately.

Your CV will be assembled and options with one or more firms discussed with you. Do not allow agencies to send out your CV unless they expressly tell you the name of the firm they are sending it to. Some rogue agencies will just want to mailshot your CV to all the firms on their database. Do not allow them to do this under any circumstances as it can have dire consequences for you further down the line. Insist that an agency only sends your CV to a firm after they have gained your express permission. The agency should then email you confirmation of which firm(s) you have agreed for them to approach.

Your CV will be submitted to agreed firm(s) and the consultant will in the days following speak with the decision makers within the firm(s) with the aim of securing you an interview. With larger firms this can sometimes take a while so patience is required! You will hopefully be selected for interview and your consultant should provide you with full details of the location of the interview and who you are to meet.

You should expect to receive further information about the format of the interview so you can prepare thoroughly.

After the interview you should expect to receive feedback on how you performed (this can sometimes take time if they are seeing several people for the role) and whether there will be a second (or subsequent stage) interview or not.

Once the interview process is complete it will become clear if you are to receive an offer of employment from the firm. The recruitment agency will handle the offer process for you and deal with any negotiations regarding salary of package on your behalf.

You will then receive an offer letter or contract. Your consultant will be on hand to answer any questions or queries and will offer advice and guidance on how and when to hand in your notice with your current employer.

You will then serve a notice period before leaving your current employer and your consultant should be on hand throughout that time to make sure that the transition from current to new firm is as smooth and painless for you as possible.

Once you have started with your new employer your consultant will be on hand during the first few days and weeks to make sure you get off to the best possible start In your new home.


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